My Why


Animal Rescue is very important to me.

If I could do everything I would ever want to do…

I would buy a piece of land like this.

I would need a water source and a well. It would need a septic. It would need buildings and outbuildings that can be renovated and improved. And a house.

It would be 200 acres. It would have ponds . And creeks .It would be surrounded by forest. Trees and small wooded areas dispersed throughout lush pasture land. Furtile soil for growing food. Planting permaculture gardening.

The zoning must allow for multiple manufactored/mobile home units on the premises and /or in a county thats allows any type of building.

I am interested in talking to people who would want to form a corporation. To get this land. This homestead. Lets pool our resources. And set up a 501c3.

We can bring in manufactored/mobile homes. We can build tiny houses.

We can bring in Veterans and others off the streets. We can get them counseling. We can set up programs.

We can start bringing in dogs to be roomates.

We can build from there. We can train our residents to train and rehabitate the dogs. We can adopt them out. Or they stay.

We can bring in cats. We can bring in horses. We can bring in farm aninals. We can do rescue. We can support it. We can grow our own hay. We can manage our own water and irrigation.

We can be successful.

We can not do it alone.

We need a team.

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Let us start a discussion.


Thank You.


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