August 2017

I am glad to say that Oscar will be going to Grandma’s to live with his

sister Charlotte.

I am looking forward to him becoming my Dad’s cat. My parents recently lost their cat Lila who they had for years and are ready for a new around this house.




Azure needs sponsors.


She is starting to mat. She gets too freaked out about being touched anywhere I can barely catch her to work with her.  I am able to pet her for a few minutes or get a few brushes of dead under coat out. She really needs a dry bath which I would do with cornstarch if she like being brushed. But there is no way. Her fight or flight kicks in and her claws will go flying. Sometimes she still has a kneejerk reaction to bite still but is much better than when I  first got her. No, I really feel she needs to go to the vet for a groom and dry bath so they can sedate her.

I am estimating cost at $97.00. You can donate at PayPal



Tibby is still looking for her forever home.

Tibby is an indoor out door cat. Tibby is best in alone cat in a one cat indoor or in/out

home. She could easily adjust to being a barn cat. Tibby was found roaming in the back of a strip mall and was tame. Hear left ear was tipped so someone had Trapped, Spayed and Released her.

She is very friendly but if if over stimulated by petting will swat or bite you. I just pet her enough to know I care about her and that’s it. It is easy because she lives alone in the back room with her cat door. I will stop to hang out and pet her for 5 minutes when she lets me know she is out of food every 2 or 3 days. I feel really bad she dogs not get attention every day. She really does like being out but sometimes I will find her resting inside when I check her water.

She has really pretty green eyes and cute little cool round paws. She is a little cat. She was indoors for about 8 months before I had to separate her from the other cats.She got buff as an indoor cat but living in/out stays much leaner.  She really is very sweet. She just has the kneejerk reaction when she gets excited from being pet.

She needs to be an only cat. She will adjust to dogs.

If you make her your indoor cat she will kick it on your bed and keep your computer warm.

If you make her an indoor outdoor cat she is really not bother, enjoys her life and lets you feed her, water her and get a scratched back from time to time.

If interested in adopting

Call 602 475 1975

Thank You.