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This is Smokey. Smokey is our feral Mama cat. She is a member of Animal Defense League of Arizona’s Trap and Release program. We did not tip her ear because she will always be fed, watered and have a home here.This 1st photo is the day I let her out of the crate after the kittens were weaned. I did not think she would come out. I was sitting at my kitchen counter and very carefully snapped this picture. If i moved she would run. She refused to accept me and this is the first time the whole time she was in my house that she wasn’t giving me the evil eye. I had to let her go without food overnight to get her back in the crate so I could transfer her into the havaheart trap to get her to the vet. She showed up at the shed behind the store where i worked after several other cats had been removed to homeShe was pregnant. She disappeared for a few weeks but we kept putting food out. I was worried, afraid she had left since we knew she was not the only cat hitting the food bowl. One day she appeared at sundown with 3 little fluffy balls of fur. It took me 5 days to catch the kittens by hand. They thought they were in the shed but their tails were sticking out. They fit in the palm of my hand and i brought them home separately. The hissed and spat and when i fed then wet food the next morning their hunger overcame their fear and they were instantly tame.I could get her in thehavaheart trap and 4 days after she stopped nursing came into heat and got nailed . I heard the scream from the backroom , turned around and saw a big beat up yellow Tom leaving the scene.I marked the calender and started counting. I tried to trap her every weekend for 60 days. Clock was ticking til she would hole up in that shed . Someone suggested a drop trap. I was able to borrow one from ADLA. Their policy is the cat gets spayed pregnant or not. I had no intention of taking her that far along. Fortunately by the time I got her it was a Friday night and the vet appointment was for Monday. it was 62 days. I came home on Saturday night ,day 63 to 5 little kittens. I began handling them against her preference as soon as their eyes were opened. She never warmed up to me. I was working 90 hours a week at the time and so she lived in the crate for 2 months after the kittens were weaned. She had no interest in being my friend, so she the crate was moved to the back yard and as soon as i was sure she knew there would be food there she was happy to get out. I did not see her for months until one night I happened to turn the back light on at 2am. She was on the couch. I have seen her twice more since Dec 2014. As long as there is a dent in the food bowl I know she is around somewhere.


This is where Smokey was rescued from.


Smokey. Closeup.


Where Smokey lives






daisycameraThis is one of 3 kittens born feral to Mama Cat Smokey. I caught Daisy and her brother Sebastian and sister Tawnie at about 5 weeks old, one at a time over a period of 5 days. She was the last of the 3 and hissed and spat and fought. When I brought her home she rebonded with her brother and sister very quickly. The next morning I hand fed her wetfood and she was instantly tame. Daisy has turned out to be a very sweet and affectionate cat. She is kind to all the other animals and makes a point to greet each one of them and me everyday with kisses and a cheek rub.She likes to sleep on me when half sister Jasmine has not gotten there first. Otherwise her spot is in the corner by my head. She is not easy to take pictures of because she moves into the camera. As you see in this photo she was reaching up to check it out.


Daisy at 4 months old in her favorite place , the bathroom.


The dog is in her spot so she curled up in the next spot over.








This is Oscar. Mr. Handsome. Oscar is the only short hair with tabby markings in the litter. He turned out bigger and stronger than his sibblings and I wonder if he has a different Daddy.He is a very good boy although I sometimes have to have a discussion with him about being mean to his half sister Daisy.He likes to play tag with his sister Jasmine. He has always looked out for his little brother the runt of the litter. He has assumed responsibility for a new kitten that came in recently.


Oscar guarding the food bowl which sits on top of a 5 foot high dresser so the dogs do not squander the cat food.


Oscar at about 6 weeks old.







This is Miss Jasmine. Jazzy is the most sociable of the cats. She likes to be in your face. She has slept on me since she was weaned and will come racing across the house when I call her. She is always interested in attention and being the center of it. When she was little she would climb up on the heeler’s back and knead. Then one day she realized it was a dog a that dogs chase cats and she is supposed to be afraid. It took her a few months but she is friends with the dog again. She has not decided to welcome the 2 little dogs yet and is not happy with them on the bed with us so she will stare them down and then swat them. She definitely is one who expresses her feelings and opinions. And day without Jasmine is like a day without sunshine.


Jasmine likes hanging around the computer.


What are you doing ?


Baby Picture, 3 to 4 weeks old.



This little guy is Skeezer. Skeezer likes boxes a lot. He is the runt of the litter and the most independent of all the cats. He has no need for my attention and reluctantly allows me to pet him. He has choosen the the dog as his owner. He doesn’t not bother with the other cats cats although on occasion he will acknowledge his brother Oscar. He roams the house freely but will run and hide if anyone moves. He is very shy. But the strangest things happens. I will very often here a commotion and the dog has him pinned down or is dragging him or carrying him across the floor by the knape of his neck like a Mama Cat and he lets her.


Skeezer in Jasmine’s drawer, giving me the evil eye for taking his picture.


Skeezer with his dog.


Skeezer at about 4 months old.


This is Thor. Thor was living under an RV when he was rescued by a man who was feeding him when it was noticed he was pretty sick. He had an ear and sinus infection and had to have all his teeth removed. He came here after his visit to the vet and this picture was taken a few days after the anitbiotics wore off after he slept things off for the first few days. This is when he first noticed his bed had a loft and he was trying it out. Thor took a few months to really show his personality. He was on the anti biotics for 30days and appeared better but a few months later his face was swollen so we went back to the vet and got different antibiotics. When he first came in his hind legs had all the hair worn off from living on cement but now the hair is all grown back. After the new antibiotics and ear medicine kicked in he is feeling much better.He is not phased by the other animals. He just hangs out . No one bothers him. He get fed wetfood alone in the bathroom and knows his routine. He never asks for attention but when he gets it he loves it. 


Thor enjoying the window seat on his trip to the vet. He is so laid back that I took him in the harness instead of the carrier.



This is Azure. She stayed in the crate for 2 weeks to get used to the others. She was being given away on facebook. The family who took her in from a neighbor who found her sid they did not have time but I think she was biting the children. She bit me several times, one second being fine and letting me pet her and then she would suddenly panick and bite. The first night she was out of the crate I found her sleeping next to me on the bed in the morning. She still bites but so is learning she does not have to defend herself and corrects the bite by licking me. She is working hard to be friends with the dogs.She will play with the little ones if they do not get to rough and she was caught sleeping next to the bigger dog just this afternoon noon.

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