California Dog Rescues

California Dog Rescues

Eloise Rescue

Eloise Rescue was founded and is operated by Vicki Wagner of Los Angeles, California. It is one of the most reputable California dog rescues.Vicki is an upstanding member of the rescue community in the Los Angeles area. She works as both an individual and with other rescues. She has many volunteers that help her.  Dogs at risk of euthanasia are offered a way out of their bad situation. Whatever it takes to get more abandoned dogs into loving homes is done by this rescue.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and wish to adopt a dog I suggest you contact Vicki. All rescued dogs have had an opportunity to have spent time with her and/or a foster home.  Understanding of each dogs personality and needs are available to the adopter.  Dogs to be placed are carefully matched to their new family.

Vicki is always saving dogs whenever possibile. When she is not finding abandoned dogs on the streets of Los Angeles she is checking shelters for dogs . She often will pull a dog from a shelter who is injured. She provides needed treatment that the shelters do not have ability to provide. Vicki has rescued many dogs from high kill shelters that would otherise be  euthanised. 

Vicki is very transparent and meticulous in her operating practices. For those who wish to adopt and/or donate, you can rest assured that all funds incoming to the rescue are accounted for. Vicki will be happy to explained how all funds are used. She is upfront with her costs regarding the removal of an animal from a high kill shelter, through its veterinary evaluation, necessary medical expenses , care involved and preparation for adoption.

Would I recommend Eloise Rescue ?

Once a dog has had the good fortune to cross paths with Vicki, her veterinarian and her wonderful volunteers , you can be assured any dog you adopt from her will be in top health.

I strongly recommend Eloise Rescue. I believe it to be one of the top California dog rescues.

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