New England and Tri State Area Dog Rescues

East Coast Gentle Giants

I found out about this rescue through someone who was my friend when i was a junior in highschool who I reconnected with on facebook after 35 years.

She is a professional dog trainer and dog sport coach. She breeds champion Cane Corsos.

These guys are in the larger guard type breeds.  They specialize in mastiffs. They are quite qualified in their breed knowledge and understanding the temperments of these types of dogs.

This rescue works with dogs that can be difficult as a result of what they went through the resulted in their crisis situation. These dogs need serious consideration by both parties involved in the rehoming process. It is imperative thye are in an environment that is best for them for the rest of their lives.

East Coast Giants is committed to doing their best by these dogs. They are a much needed participant in the chain of rescues across this country. Most rescues do not focus on these types of breeds because the are not equipped to prepare these breeds for household petdom from whatever there crisis was.

These guys are doing an excellent job and if you are interested in seeing if this these types of dogs are for you click on this page right here Meet The Breeds

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