Our Dogs

pennycouchThis is Miss Penelope Heeler. We call her Penny. She is a blue heeler (ACD) mix. She was found sitting in a teenager’s back yard who had a history of bringing home puppies and not being able to keep them. She was approximately 4 months old and was taken by a young man who had never had a dog but meant well. She spent the next several months of her life in a crate as the young man worked a lot and was always too tired for her. She now is a happy house dog, but would really like the yard to be fenced so she can play outside off leash.


This is Coco the Chocolate Chihuahua. Coco has had kind of a rough life. She pretty much has been homeless since she was little. She was taken from her mama at 6 weeks and given to a 7 year old who’s mother has a history of dumping animals. She then was taken home by a woman who loved but was not able to care for her and was taken care off by a homeless woman who was staying with her then owner. When her owner was evicted she went with the homeless woman and traveled in a backpack which she was perfectly happy with. She become the homeless woman’s baby and was with her in the back pack or stayed at a friends house. her now owner got into a bad situation as a result of accepting a hotel room ,unbeknownst that she was a sitting duck and got caught in a drug bust. I agreed to take the dog when the time came as I had been a sort of guardian of hers from the time she was with the 7 year old. She was left in a bad place when her Mom went to jail and fortunately I was able to track her down . She was being cared for but not wanted by the owner of the house. her care there was questionable as when I got her home she had a broken incisor tooth. It does not seem to bother her but we need to get it taken out. She also needs to be spayed , have her rabies shot and get licensed.


ADOPTED ! This Minnie Mini Pin. Minnie gets scared when you tell her to stay or come,like she thinks she has done something wrong. She is just a puppy,still has baby teeth. She was with Coco and it was said she belonged to Coco’s owner too and that they needed to stay together. it is unclear if that is fact as Coco’s owner has written and asked about her and spoke to relative back east who verified I have her but no mention of the little one. She is the cutest little thing. Having to stay she clams up so you can not see her huge uncropped ears that look kinda like a chihuahua’s. Her tailed is docked but that does not keep it from wagging. She needs to be spayed ,shots and her nails need to be trimmed really badly.


For some reason they think bedtime is for wrestling or playing tag with the cats.

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