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This is Azure.

Azure was about 10 or 12 weeks old when I got her.

Someone local I knew was giving her away on facebook. A family with 3 little girls found her and they could not keep her. I did not make any sense , stay at home Mom didn’t have time for her.

Good thing I tool her. Because she bites. She got really freaked out if I touched her around her sides and her belly.

She bite me pretty hard one night when I first let her out of the crate after 2 weeks, acclimating her to the dogs and the other cats, while in the crate at the end of my bed. 

She is around 2 and 1/2 years old now.

She is much better when I do handle her .

She hangs outs and gets along really well with the other cats but she just does not like to be touched.

Azure is a little bit slow…she is not as athletic as the typical cat. She has a quarter sized dent in the center of her head, center of her eyes. I wonder if she had a head injury as a young kitten.

She just will go into fight or flight mode with to much touching. I am ready for her if she tries to bite.

She really is a good girl though. The biting is just a kneejerk reaction to fear of some kind, possibly discomfort. She is not mean.

Something I need to ask the vet about. 


She needs to go to the vet tobe sedated to be groomed. She is the first long haired cat the ever matted. All my other cats I have ever had loved being brushed, and they did not mat anyway. I have attempted to groom her a few times. She has a really soft, thick undercoat. I can get about 3 full slicker brushes of dead coat out of her befre she freaks out. I do not want it to get out of hand. She really needs  to get to the vet for this.

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