Sponsor A Dog.

This is Coco.

This photo was taken the night I brought her home to my house.

Coco needs help with veterinary expenses !

Coco was born in a home with a family, offspring of intact parents, owned by people who for whatever reason did not spay/neuter their family pets.

She was taken by a neighbor at 6 weeks old. This woman who is no longer a friend of mine had a history of dumping animals. I warned her that she did not really want a dog but she took Coco anyway to entertain fer then 7 year old daughter.

After 3 weeks Coco had peed on the floor one too many times . She was passed on to another neighbor who was strangely, knocking on doors looking for a chihuahua puppy.

A month later her new owner got evicted from her apartment and when she left, she was in a back pack with a homeless woman who had helped her 2nd owner before she got evicted. The homeless woman got very attached to her and her 2nd owner was happy to let her go to her now 3rd owner.

Coco was very happy traveling with her new owner in a back pack or bag. And they would come visit me at the store where I worked at the time.


Coco traveled with her new owner for over a year. One night her owner was offered a hotel room with her also homeless boyfriend. Unbeknownst to her drugs were stored in the room and the people who provided the room had been tipped off they were going to get raided and used this homeless couple as scapegoats. Her owner could not afford a lawyer and was sentenced to 4 years in prison for possession with intent to sell.

Her owner who really is a good person, despite this trouble, knew in advance she would be going away and when she told me I offered to take her. I had know her since she 6 weeks old and what might happen to her without me was anyone’s guess.

So she has been here for awhile now and will be here until August 2018.

At the time this all happened I had stopped doing rescue because I had lost my job due to circumstances beyond my control. I could not support anymore animals out of pocket but I was the best option for this dog. When her owner gets out she will be going home to her family that did not know she had been homeless and struggling because she did not tell them.

I have not been able to budget funds for her needed veterinary care. She does not have any immediate medical issues but I would like to be able to return her to her owner spayed and with her rabies shot so I can get her licensed. She also had a broken incisor tooth that to the best of my knowledge happened were she stayed before I was told where to go get her. The cost to spay her and get shots is estimated to cost $78.00 and I am estimating for her broken tooth to be removed and also her nails cut back while she is under for the spay to cost an additional $80.00. Her license which be in my name and transferred to her owner later costs $17.00.

It would be very helpful to have this all done to take theses stresses out of the picture for her owner when she is ready to pick her up to go home to family on the east coast.

If you would like to help please donate at Pay Pal at ravenslastchancerescue@gmail.com . Please send your donations via the friends and family link so there are no fees charged to your donation.

Thank You.


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