Forever Home

Forever Home !

Welcome to our page where we feature our rescued animals that are now  forever home !charlotte5weeks

Charlotte. 5 weeks old in this picture, adopted March 2015.


Minnie with her new owner. September 2015.

 Minnie would get scared when told to stay or come.  She would think she had done something wrong.

Upon arrival she was just a puppy.  Still had baby teeth when we got her. She was with Coco and it was said she belonged to Coco’s owner too. I was told they needed to stay together. She is the cutest little thing. When you tell her stay she clams up so you can not see her huge uncropped ears that look kinda like a chihuahua’s. Her tailed is docked but that does not keep it from wagging.

Apparently I received incorrect info about her belonging to someone. I told her on a family outing and my daughters friend fell in love with her and begged to adopt her. She is very much loved. All has gone well for her . I check from time to time . She is always doing well.

I am hoping to update with new recent photos of both girls soon !

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