Adopt A Racehorse

After The Racetrack

Rehoming Our American Thoroughbreds

Adopt a Racehorse

A day at the racetrack. It is exiting, fun and oh what beautiful horses !. They are lean and fit. They shine like freshly minted coins.  Wow. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have one ? You can adopt a racehorse.

The Thoroughbred.

A beautiful animal.

Elegant and proud.

Did you know that many become regular riding and competitive horses after the track ? And did you know that many more go to slaughter when if they are not winners to begin with or when they no longer are breadwinners ?

What are Thoroughbred horses best suited for ?

Throughout history thoroughbreds have gone from the track to the showbarn or just become a good old trail horse. But unfortunately it is not always a happy ending for many of them. With the popularity of European Sporthorses in competitive Equestrian Sports the plight of the Off The Track Thoroughbred has become more uncertain.

Gone were the days when many horses in competition had a Jockey Club tattoo and were less often a disposable commodity. Fortunately many horse lovers from all income levels and disciples are remembering and realizing what amazing animals this particular breed is.

After a career on the track the thouroughbred can go on to be versatile in every disciple. The majority of them go on to be hunters, jumpers and dressage horses. They compete in 3 day eventing. They can excel in the hunt field, as barrel racers, on the ranch as working cow horses or endurance mounts. And last but not least they can be a wonderful companion and trail horses.

Why is an Off the Track Thoroughbred a great horse ?

Of course all horses are wonderful but the Thoroughbred is special. He is bred for his beauty, heart, courage and intelligence. And he can provide value for many years to those that have the honor of his presence in their lives far beyond his years on the racetrack. Honor him and he will honor you right back. With his willingness to please, learn from you and teach you, his ability to excel at any task you ask of him and his love and companionship.

The thoroughbred is eager to take on any job you put in front of him. No matter what type of riding you do or would like to do there is a thoroughbred that can be found that is suitable for your purposes.

Retired Racehorses growing in Popularity

Over the last few years many organizations have begun to specialize in the rehabilitation and retraining of thoroughbreds for every equestrian disciple. Many racehorse industry professionals are developing relationships with these organizations in order to plan ahead for aftercare. The horses are donated, they are let down ( allowed to have rest, relaxation and recover from any injuries for up to 6 months,after the track before starting retraining for a second job), evaluated for health and soundness , evaluated for their potential skills for a new job. By planning ahead and working with these organizations racehhorse owners,breeders and trainers can be assured of a high success rate in finding a new future with a good home and care for life.

Once upon a time you could get a horse off the track and you would be taking your chances. You would not know in advance if the horse had the potential to remain sound, or even if it was sound when you bought it, You would also not not know what kind of disposition the animal had or if it would turn out to be suitable for your personal riding preferences. This could be detrimental to the horse or new owner. One could end up with a horse not suitable for number of reasons. With more and more professional involvement to transition these horses to new jobs and homes you are now able to obtain a very affordable horse that has been screened , evaluated, started in retraining and matched to your needs and personality.

Promoting the Off the Track Thoroughbred

Through Thoroughbred Charities of America and The Thoroughbred Makeover there is even an opportunity for these horses to go out into the world and be recognized and awarded for there accomplishments in their second careers. The Thoroughbred Makeover showcases all the different abilities a thoroughbred horse has to offer.

My Experience Riding Off the Track Thoroughbreds

Back in the day when I worked as a professional groom and exercise rider in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County Connecticut I rode many horses of many breeds and types. I loved them all. The Quarter Horses, Arabians, Draft crosses, Warmbloods, Appaloosas , grade horses and any horse I had the opportunity to ride.But my motto was and still is

“There is Nothing Like A Thoroughbred !”

Where to Find Your Off the Track Thoroughbred

New Vocations

 Retired Racehorse Project

Canter USA


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