Ohio Horse and Foal Rescue

Last Chance Corral

Last Chance Corral , based in Athens Ohio, is a dedicated established foal rescue organization who’s primary focus is to save the lives of “nurse mare” foals who may other wise be discarded to fates unknown and instead provide them an opportunity for adoption.

Victims of large scale horse breeding for profit “nurse mare” foals are the offspring off mares who must foal in order to produce milk so that they can be used to raise foals conceived for the purpose of profit , for instance in the racehorse industry. If a valuable racehorse or other broodmare is not able to care for her offspring a “nurse mare” will be brought in to raise that foal who is considered to valuable to not have a mare for a mother.

In this process the foal itself becomes orphaned. 

In instances where the procurement of  “nursemares” is a large scale for profit business itself, these foals are left out in the cold . In some cases they are literally thrown out as trash with no consideration of the fact that they are now a living creature deserving of love and a future.

Not all “nurse mare” situations are this grave and inconceivable. Use of nurse mares is not always another day at the office for only large scale operations. Sometimes they can be a blessing for a small breeder. But in the end the result is the same…one foal is sacrificed for another.

Every foaling season Last Chance Corral will accept as many of these orphaned foals as they have space and funding to care for. 

Once the foals have arrived they are are welcomed by a team of volunteers committed to seeing these foals eventually find loving homes. They respond to any health challenges that may need to be resolved in order to have the best shot at survival. As the foals grow stronger and are stabilized, they are evaluated to be matched with appropriate adopters.

How Can You Adopt One of these Foals ?

Last Chance Corral requires potential adopters to be approved. Their requirements are stringent in the interest of making sure theses foals still have the best opportunity to thrive. There are several requirements addressed to assure the transition goes positively for both new owners and the foals. You may visit there website link below to learn more about them and their adopt process. All potential adopters are required to be approved in advance.

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