Protect Our Wild Mustangs

WildHorsesRunning-MustangMonumentc Photo credit Aaron Millar

WildHorsesRunning-MustangMonumentc Photo credit Aaron Millar


 Wild horses are in danger.

Our Wild Mustangs , an American Icon and Symbol of the American West need your help.

I have a great concern for their welfare currently and for their future. If left without our help to preserve them now and in the future they could become completely wiped out.

I myself have difficulty understanding all the ins and outs actions our  Congress is currently taking that involve legislation affecting all of our wild herds across the united States.

How You can Help.

As I am not the expert in this area but a very concerned person and horse lover I ask you to click on this link which will take you to the American Wild Horse Campaign website. Here you will find detailed information provided by activists. The author(s) of this page you will be directed to have years of experience and knowledge in interpreting and informing the public on the specifics of legislation and current happenings in Congress regarding the fate of our horses.It will also explain how you as an American can influence our lawmakers to listen and act on our concerns.

Thank You.

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